I’m delighted to announce that I will be doing a solo acoustic show in The Harrison, King’s Cross, London on Thursday 22nd of November.

Tickets are available HERE.

The Harrison is a very unique venue. Cosy, intimate, underground, seated. Perfect for an acoustic show. I love this kind of environment; there is an upfront and close connection between the performer and the listener.

I’m also very excited to be debuting some songs from my upcoming album on the night.

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'A Human Response' Recording Sessions Underway

My first full-length release since 2011's 'Playtime' is now underway!

I feel that I have been building towards this record now for many years; experimenting with style, instruments and songwriting approach.

The songs are slowly but surely coming together and I feel that I am culminating the lessons of many years of learning, playing and experimenting. The songs are generally based on social themes and my response to the state of the world in 2018.

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